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SoulHealing-Hypnosis with Gabriele Rother

SoulHealing-Hypnosis with Gabriele Rother

On October 1st 2017 Gabriele passed away.

As her husband I decided to leave this beautiful website alive for 1 year.

Robert Rother

"Through all, what you experienced on your way of life, in this life and all the lifes before, you are unique in your radiance. In your own way you bring light into life and this is the light people feel attracted to, the light of your radiance. This is the light which shines onto your place on earth, the light you radiates."

From Jeshua Channelings by Pamela Kribbe

Healing From The Self for Body, Mind & Spirit

On this website you find some information about my work with QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Transpersonal Hypnosis and Past-Life Regression, a holistic regression into other incarnations and into the existence of the soul between the incarnations.

I call my work "SoulHealing-Hypnosis". It means healing from the soul, with support and the knowledge of the soul, healing from the part of our true self, which is connected with the source of all that is.

Where do I come from?
Why do I feel myself often as a stranger on earth?
What is the purpose of my life?
What can I do to fulfil this purpose?
What are the deeper reasons of some blockades and dysfunctions in my life?
What are the deeper issues behind my problems in my relationships, my finances, my job?
How can I find and release old and hindering belief systems?
What are the deeper issues behind my fears, depressions, burn out, traumata, pattern loops, etc?
How can I connect in a better way with my true heart, my core essence?

Those questions are common for many people at a certain point in their life!

Most times we are seeking
for answers outside. We empower other people to know more about our lives, as we do. But all knowledge, the true knowledge of our soul lies in ourselves - we only need to allow ourselves to overcome the limits of our mind and to trust our "higher" consciousness, which shows us everything we need for our healing process.

During a SoulHealing-Hypnosis we do not only connect with our subconsciousness, in which everything is stored from this lifetime, but also with the universal archives of our soul, where we can find every knowledge about all of our lives, no matter where and when and in which form we lived them.

We come in contact with our soul guides, our "higher" self, with that mighty and all knowing part inside of us. Our soul guides supports us in finding the very situations in our childhood, in the womb of our mother or in other lives, to discover the deepest core reasons for blockades and unexplicable symptoms, which are hidden for other methods of therapy.
The guides lead us to an understanding why things are like they are in our lives now and they support us to heal and to deal with those things.

That´s how we can find answers to our questions and helfpul insights for our liife in the here and now. We are able to look at ourselves and the challenges and problems of our life in a new way.

Find out more about your true unique self and your true mission here on earth!

Greetings from the bottom of my heart
Gabriele Rother

Hypnosis - Queen of Therapies

Hypnosis is one of the "tools" with the most effectiveness in therapy. I have experience with many great therapeutic tools and I can tell, what is the most useful in my personal work with clients. For me it is the combination of EFT - the Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig and the Soulhealing-Hypnosis!

Hypnosis itself is a very focused state of consciousness and mostly a deep relaxation of the body - the mind with its limited view takes a back seat. We are getting access to the wise, recalling parts of our soul and to the areas in which we can research the deepest reasons and sources of the problems and challenges in the here and now - no matter if they are physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

The big advance of hypnosis is the fact that the blockage by the normal conditioned mind is reduced. This allows to connect with knowlegde hidden in the subconsciousness - or better superconsciousness. The awareness of ourselves changes. We can come in contact with the deep wisdom and truth of our soul - our oneness with all that is.

By regression therapy we can heal all the traumatized, fragmented, forgotten, aggrieved and stucked parts of our soul - we call them back into the light of the heart of our soul and allow them to be there and to be seen. We allow all those parts and experiences to be activated again - but now with help, another view, another power and resilience. The traumatic event can find its place in time and space and all results of this trauma in the past can be healed and released - we are free again in the here and now.

We can find and release the deepest causes for unhealthy patterns - physical pain, hindering belief pattern, traumata and returning problems on different levels and in different areas of our lives. A chronic migraine can be the result of a battle in another incarnation, where an axe smashed your head and you died in agony and severe pain and left your fragmented body with a feeling of rage and hate and helplessness... During a SoulHealing-Hypnosis we can explore the deeper issues behind the experience, and the decisions you have made. By the exploration of what your soul wanted to learn or to experience in that life, the symptoms you have in the life now vanish.

That is the most amazing part of a regression - it seems that we tend to reenact old pattern as long as they are not solved in a balanced way. Many hypnosis specialists who work with regression, experience those amazing results and I as well in my own practice.

Another advantage of a SopulHealing-Hypnosis is the activation of our wise part, the part that knows everything, the Inner Healer, the Inner Child and all the parts of us, that can assist and help us. And we can balance all those parts in us, which are sabotizing and disturbing us in a very profound way. They all have good reasons for their behavior! Most of that reasons are protection programs - installed during and after traumatizing experiences. They also carry a lot of our life energy - and in protecting us they block these life energy as well. But if we relive the causing event, we can look at it and experience it in a new way - the protection program can be released and those parts can become sources of wellbeing and joy!

There are a many possibilities to work with regression in hypnosis - my main point is a more conscious connection to your soul, to your true self, the release of traumata and somatic issues, the connection and work with inner parts and supporting you to find and regain your gifts and your own innate life power, you brought from the higher realms of your soul and spirit...

About QHHT and Dolores Cannon

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - QHHT by Dolores Cannon is widely spread, due to the traveling and teaching her method together with her daughter Julia Cannon, who now continues the work of her mother. Dolores Cannon was a pioneer in the realm of regression hypnosis and she wrote more than 15 books about the experiences of her clients.

She started her work more than 50 years ago and because of very stunning results she invented her own unique approach: the QHHT. The most important part is the connection with the "Subconsciuosness" as she called it - but it is far more than the subconsciousness we know. I call it the Universal Consciousness, because it knows everything and can heal everything - a lot of healing can happen in a single session! Your beliefs are the only limits!

On her website you can find more about her and her life. www.dolorescannon.com

For me it was an important step into the realm of transpersonal hypnosis and a deeper connection with the soul! I honor and respect Dolores work as well as Julias.

I do not agree with online courses in behalf of teaching this method or any method of hypnosis. The lack of personal experiences as a beginner often brings frustration on both sides.

I am greatful for everything, what Dolores and Julia had given to me and I am grateful to step forward into a broader use of my skills with the work of Dr. Michael Newton, Paul Aurand and Allison Lee Axinn. Thanks to all of you!

At last...

I offer sessions in QHHT and SoulHealing-Hypnosis and its variations in english as well as in german language:

In Germany in Nordhofen/Westerwald
near the A3 Montabaur between Frankfurt and Cologne

* single sessions on request

Mallorca (Islas Baleares) near Llucmajor

* during the Transformation Intensive Program

* single sessions on request

If you like to contact me, send me an email - eft (at) freenet.de

English is not my mother tongue. I do my very best - but have patience with me, if you find "funny ways to express something"... ;-) Thank you!